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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Autumn Term 2 Journey


Autumn Term 2 Curriculum overview (focusing on World War One):



Remembrance Week:


To begin our new topic on World War One, we immersed ourselves into a week based on Remembrance, hoping to learn the reason behind it. 


We began by looking at the famous quote of 'When you go home, tell them of us and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today'.  We analysed what this meant and from whose point of view it was from. We linked the quote to the image and discussed what symbols of war we could see in the corresponding image. 


Next, we looked at the role of the soldiers in war and linked this to our current value of peace and our key question - Peacemaker or peacebreaker? We linked the actions and role of soldiers during the war to discuss if they were peacemakers or peacebreakers or a mixture of both. 


Next, we looked at another famous image based on Remembrance, that formed the discussion of how the actions of the soldiers during war impacted upon Britain as it is today. 


Finally, we looked at the role that animals had in the war - giving us a bit of pre-knowledge for our new class text of 'War Horse', We discussed that without animals (especially horses) the war would have looked very different. As a class, we read a poem that had been written from the point of view of a horse at war, and discussed the meaning of it. 


To end our week focusing on Remembrance, we then replicated some Remembrance themed art in the style of a particular artist and then created our own Remembrance 'black-out' poetry. 




Our English Learning Journey so far: 


As we will be learning all about World War One (in our topic lessons) for the next two half terms, we have begun our English unit based on the events of Christmas Day 1914 - well known as The Christmas Truce. 


Before we even began to look into the events of Christmas Day 1914, we focused on some prediction using our inference skills based on unpacking items/objects out of a soldier's kit bag. We tried to predict who he was, what his job was and what else we knew about him based on the items in the bag. 



 Following on from this, we then applied our prediction, retrieval and inference skills to the following images that represent the real life events of Christmas Day 1914:

- A real life photo of the events

- An artist's impression of the events

- A reenactment of the events 




After this, we then read the following two stories - both of which re-told the real life events that happened on Christmas Day 1914. Not only did we enjoy the stories, but we enjoyed discussing what we had managed to correctly predict had happened. 




Keep an eye out to see where we are going next with our English journey .... 

Our Maths Learning Journey so far:


So far, this half term in our Maths journey, we have immersed ourselves into The Four Operations. We have learnt all about:

  • How to add using the formal written method 
  • How to find missing values within the formal method of addition
  • How to subtract using the formal written method
  • How to find missing values within the formal method of subtraction


In addition to our Four Operations Learning Journey so far, we have really focused on challenging ourselves and applying our maths knowledge to reasoning / problem solving questions through being resilient and resourceful in our learning - two of our learning powers that are ever so important to learning! So far, specifically, we have focused on the following reasoning / problem solving question types that require not only sound mathematical skill but also clear explanation:

- How many different options / possibilities can you find?


Continue to follow our Maths Journey into 'The Four Operations' and our specific reasoning / problem solving questions to see where we will go next ... 


On top of immersing ourselves into The Four Operations and plenty of reasoning / problem solving, we are continuing to challenge ourselves to our mental maths, quick recall facts too. We are continuing with our Times Table Rockstar challenges and our Mathletics goals. On top of that, we have reduced the timing allowed to complete the 144 challenge (times tables) since Year 4, yet many of us are still completing all 144 in the time given!! This means we are now working on beating our time. 


Our Science Learning Journey so far:

In Science this half term, we are focusing on life cycles. 


For the first week on this topic, Evie (our school pet dog) came into our classroom so that we could learn from her all about the life cycle of a mammal. We saw pictures of when she was much younger and talked about the reproduction process that resulted in Evie becoming an embryo and developing inside her mother's body. We learned about how she was fed from her mother's milk and had to be able to eat solid food before she left her mother. We also looked at how we could identify that Evie is a female dog based on characteristics on her body. 


Following on from this, we then focused on the life cycle of birds. In order to help us understand this - our school gardener Joel came in to visit us. With him, he brought three different bird nests that he had found in his garden. While he was with us, we discussed:

  • which different kinds of birds might have built these nests
  • why these birds had built the nests where they had
  • what materials were used to build these nests
  • what the similarities and differences between the nests were and why

We were then shown a range of photos of the nests over a period of time and we linked this back to our learning about the life cycle of a bird. We discussed which different stages the photos showed and how we knew.


Our RE Learning Journey so far:



Our Topic Learning Journey so far:



Our DT Learning Journey so far:

This unit, to link to our class text of 'War Horse' we are going to be making puppets. 


For the first week, we conducted some product research and experimented with range of real puppets to look at their purpose, their design and different features



The second week, after having completed our product research we then used our new sketching books to sketch and annotate our own designs:




Our ICT Learning Journey so far: 



Our cross curricular Music / Values Learning Journey so far:


To launch our new half term value of peace, the whole school is going to be learning the song 'Let it be' by The Beatles in our weekly music assembly. So that we understand the link to peace and the meaning behind the song, we did a cross curricular music and reading lesson, looking into the lyrics of the song and the history of the song. Then, we began to learn the lyrics off by heart.  


Another way that we have launched our half term value of peace, is by each year group being allocated a class song linked to the theme of peace. Year 5's peace themed song is 'Somewhere over the rainbow', sung by Ariana Grande at the 'One Love' concert. This is going to be our focus song over the half term and we will be looking at the meaning behind this specific version of the song and how it links to peace. 



Next, we then analysed the song both for meaning and what the lyrics meant. 







Finally, once we fully understood the meaning of the song, the history of the song and the symbolism of the song when Ariana Grande sang it at the 'One Love concert' we then:


- Learnt to play the chorus on the glockenspiels 

- Learnt to sing the song off by heart, to perform in our school 'Peace performance' 


Our Picture News Learning Journey so far: 

To ensure that we are up to date with current affairs, both within our country and across the world, we are enjoying out weekly Picture News sessions. In these sessions we are provided with a weekly 'hot topic' through a simple picture and debate style question focused on something that is currently in the news that week. We are then given the time to discuss the topic. These sessions often result in paired and group work, and very often in a class debate to share and discuss both sides of the topic in a balanced way, considering and respecting a range of different opinions around the topic.  


So far in our Picture News Journey we have looked at:

  • Remembrance Day (linked to the British Value of respect)



Our homework for half term 2: