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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Autumn 1 Journey

Autumn 1 MTP

We are all very excited about welcoming another cohort of children into Reception this year. Keep checking back to see what fun we get up to! 

The Reception Team 

Our first full week in Reception

Reception have finished their first full week in school! We are so proud of how well they have done, especially being so settled and happy at lunchtime. Here are some photos of the fun we've been having. 



 Stick Week - celebrating sticks

This week in Reception we focused our learning around sticks. We used our imagination to think about what we could turn a stick in to and then what we could pretend a stick was. We had lots of amazing ides!

We could make Stickman
Maybe we could make a magic wand... I'm going to make a rainbow one.
a dinosaur, a broom, a walking stick, even a car! 

 We also read some stick themed stories. Both Stanley's Stick and It's Not a Stick are about using your imagination to turn a stick into lots of different things.



Some children then used sticks to make their own creations. 


In Maths we have focused on sorting this week. First we sorted by colour. Miss Watmough, the Nursery teacher, needed our help to sort the toys into three colours; red, yellow and blue. Next, we needed to help Stickman, his family had got all muddled up and he needed us to sort them for him. We sorted sticks into the long (adult) sticks and short (children) sticks.


As a special treat we watched the story of Stickman on the board, all the children were so engrossed in whether Stickman would make it home! 

You can watch Stickman here: 

 28th September

Today something exciting happened! When we arrived at school today we were amazed to find GIANT footprints on the floor. Lots of children began to think about what could have caused these muddy footprints. We then went into the class room to investigate some more and we found lots of porridge and three bowls - a big bowl, a medium sized bowl and a small bowl. We wondered who could have made this mess? 


Some children thought there must be three, as there were three bowls. Some children thought there must have been a big creature and a small creature as some of the footprints were big and some were small. We wondered who it could be that liked porridge. 

Later in the day we found a small yellow haired girl hanging up in the creative area. We decided this must be Goldilocks and that it must have been The Three Bears who had been in the classroom! We read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears at hometime.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: Ladybird First Favourite Tales by Nicola  Baxter | Waterstones

You can listen to the story here. 

We have enjoyed exploring the porridge today! 



Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week we found a letter addressed to us in our classrooms, we looked at the envelope for clues. We noticed there was a bear paw print on the front of the envelopes and predicted the letter was from The Three Bears.


We opened it and found out that the Bears needed our help! They wanted us to describe Goldilocks so that they could find her and ask her to help fix Baby Bear's chair. After thinking about what Goldilocks looks like and describing her we drew our own pictures to send to the bears. 






The next day when we came into school there was another letter! We were very excited to open it because we knew it was from The Three Bears again. The Three Bears were very happy with our Goldilocks pictures and they now know what she looked like. But our caretaker told us that he had seen something on the cameras in our classroom last night... we checked the videos and were amazed to find out that a bear had been in our classroom! It was ENORMOUS!! 


We decided we needed to warn everyone in school that there was a bear so we drew pictures to show everyone what the bear looked like. 




You can listen to Miss Halliday read our story Goldilocks and The Three Bears

 Making and eating porridge

The Three Bears brought some porridge for us to make and eat so that we could taste their favourite food. We had lots of fun measuring the porridge oats and milk, and waiting for it to cook in the microwave.

We could choose from chocolate spread, strawberry jam, syrup or banana as our topping. Later in the day we voted on which topping was our favourite...chocolate spread was a clear winner!!!




My Body 


We have spent some time learning about our bodies, our different body parts and our skeleton.

We listened to and joined in with a skeleton song, you can watch this here.


We drew around one of our friends body and labelled each part of their body talking about what each of them do and why they are important. After carpet time lots of children were very keen to draw around each other and then label their own body parts. 





We have been exploring the season of Autumn. We went on an Autumn walk around our school grounds and through the woodland area, we put our wellies on and wrapped up warm. We noticed that there were lots of different coloured leaves, leaves on the ground, crunchy leaves and soggy leaves and bare tree branches. We enjoyed listening to the noise that leaves made as we walked through them.









We collected some leaves and natural materials and created leaf rubbings when we were back in the classroom.  We set up an Autumn investigation area with what we had collected.

Find out what JoJo and Gran Gran got up to on their Autumn walk by clicking on the link below.

JoJo and Gran Gran's Autumn Walk