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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Spring Term Journey

Check back to see what we get up to this half term! 

Spring 1

This half term we are learning the story Whatever Next! and finding out all about space. Image result for whatever Next

Click here to watch a video of the story Whatever Next!

We will be learning an oral version of the story and using props and resources to make up our own space story. We will be helping baby bear to write a list of what he could take up into space as well as researching the different planets and writing our own space facts. 

This week we have learnt a planet song all about the solar system. 

Week 1

This week we started learning our new story Whatever Next. first we predicted from the front cover about what we thought might happen. 

                   The bear is going into space... maybe to Mars. 
   He might meet an alien in space and bring him home with him.
       He might fall out of space and hurt himself when he lands. 


The next day we read the story and thought about whether our predictions had been right. We also used our phonics to write lists of what else we thought baby bear might take to the moon with him. 




On Friday we started learning about our new value 'Courage'. We talked about how courage means being brave, be willing to have a go, try new things and trying not to be scared. Children then thought about when they have been brave. 

At the doctors getting an injection.... On the big slide in Dragons Den... At nightime when it is dark... when we fall and hurt ourselves

 Week 2

This week something exciting happened. When we came back into the classroom after lunch there was green all over our classroom! We thought about what it could be...

  an alien, nibbles (a charachter from a book), somebody with paint                                        on their feet, Hulk, a monster. 

 We had no idea. We then set off into the forest for our forest adventure, you will never guess what we found! More green slime! It was everywhere in the forest. We followed the slime deeper and deeper into the forest and then found lots of silver shapes, nuts, bolts and pipes. We decided an alien must have crash landed in our forest and was now stuck. We were amazed by what we found and told everyone back in school to look out for the alien!