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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Spring Term Journey

English and Topic

This half term we are exploring the book 'Stone Age Boy'.  

So far this half term we have been learning the story off by heart using the 'talk for writing' actions. We have been using the book to write for different purposes, exploring the prehistoric beasts that lived during this time and we have just started to innovate the story.

In topic we have been creating time lines of the Stone Age so we can see how long ago it happened, we have been learning all about the tools and weapons they had and used and we have designed our own. After we had designed them we went into the woods and collected the different materials that we were going to use to create them.

We have been learning songs all about the Stone Age, and as well as singing these we are going to introduce musical instruments so we can perform the songs.


In maths this term we are going to be exploring division, measurement - money, fractions, measurement - length/height and perimeter and also statistics.

As well as this children will also get the chance to go on 'Mathletics' and 'Times Table Rockstars' to practise skills and subjects we have already covered.

Something I would like children to become confident with this term is their times table recall facts.


We are really focusing on reading this term, we are beginning to introduce 3 reading lessons a week which will all focus on different aspects of 'VIPERS', this will help us to understand how to answer questions and where to find the answer in the text. We are going to be using a range of text genres so that we are confident with answering questions on every type of text fiction or non-fiction.

Please try and read with your child at least 3 times a week at home as this is something that will help them with their confidence in reading and answering questions.

What to expect this term...

We are going to be creating our own cave paintings and fossils from the Stone Age, we are going to be working in pairs to create our own 'mini caves' within a shoe box and we are going to be making our own Stone Age jewellery. To finish the topic off we are going to have a Stone Age day, so we can make and taste the food they ate and use tools to sew and make the food.

We are going to continue to learn about rocks and soils in science as well as learning about  living things and their habitats.