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Riddlesden St Mary


Our Spring Term Journey

Our topic this term is Crime and Punishment which we have linked to our English through the poem 'The Highwayman'. The children have been immersed in the narrative and have focused on the relationship between the two main characters. Through this we have explored the themes of romance and tragedy. The children have produced 'love letters' in the role of a character from the poem and have written a book review. 

During the last half of our spring term we have produced an innovated version of the narrative by making links to our topic work by changing the main character of the Highwayman to Dick Turpin. We are currently inventing out own version of the tragedy narrative by piecing together all the research done in topic to create a more up to date story. The final week of this term will be spent immersing ourselves in non-chronological reports ready for the next half term. 


In the first half of the Spring term the children focused on the main number operations; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They have calculated the perimeter and area of compound and irregular shapes and are moving on to look in-depth at fractions, decimals and percentages. We have regular problem solving sessions where the children get to put their recently learned skills into practice through a range of contexts.


During the second half of the Spring term we have looked at fractions, decimals and percentages. This has been done through a range of concrete models and images as well as a range of contexts. The children had great fun consolidating all past skills taught during our 'Magic Week'. They were able to problem solve and reason to help the characters from Harry Potter get out of tricky situations. 

As a celebratory end to our 'Magic Week' both classes came together to play a rather interesting game of Quidditch. The children battled courageously in the pouring rain and came away slightly wet but they all wrote some fantastic instructions on how to play the game. 



 In Science we have focused on the properties of materials and their changes. The children have taken part in several experiments including; finding out which materials made the best thermal insulators to keep our food warm, which materials made the best electrical conductors and which materials dissolve to form a solution. We have learned a lot of new vocabulary which our teachers have challenged us to use in our writing. Here are some of our experiments in action!


In the second part of the term the children visited Byworth Boilers were they consolidated their learning from the term. They looked at thermal insulators, electrical conductors, properties of different materials and why they were the best choice for the boilers as well as touching on electromagnetism and electrical circuits. 

We've had a lot of fun learning about crime and punishment over the ages from Roman times to the present day. We learned that the Romans introduced the concept of a Court and a trial by Jury presided over by a Judge. With the Anglo Saxons we learned about the system of compensation known as 'Wergild', payable to any victim of injury (or their family in case of death!). We learned about some of the more gruesome punishments introduced by the Tudors such as the rack and we are currently exploring Georgian punishments looking at cases of Highway men (linking to our English text) and exploring primary and secondary sources.


This half term we have focused on crime and punishment from Victorian times through to the present day. The children got to experience hard labor activities such as: walking the treadwheel, picking oakum and the shot drill. All of which would have been experienced by Victorian prisoners. 


The children also learnt about workhouses and how similar some of the activities were compared to prison punishments. The children took part in a debate to decide whether they thought workhouses were a good thing or not. 


In RE we have debated and discussed many thoughts such as why do some people believe in God and some not? The children learned about Humanism, atheism and agnosticism and debated their viewpoints. Throughout the second half term we have focused on the stations of the cross and spent time exploring the range of art work depicting the Easter story. 

The children are progressing well with their weekly swimming sessions and as a result many are celebrating achieving their 5m, 10m and 25m badges! Well done everyone and keep up your hard work.