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Riddlesden St Mary


Our Spring Term Journey


 In Year 6, the key focus for this term is re-visiting all of our learning to date, in order to prepare for our SATs so that each and every child can reach their true potential.


The SATs timetable can be found below: 


In order to support your children at home, please:

- Ensure they are completing their weekly homework and reading regularly. 

- Ensure that they are going to bed early enough so that they are not tired during the day. 

- Encourage them by asking them about their learning and discussing it with them. 

- Limiting the time spent on electronic devices and computer games. 


If you are wanting to do some extra work with your children at home, please find below a list of recommended websites:

- Mathletics / Times Table Rock Stars using your child's provided log in.



Booster groups to prepare for SATs 

We have created small booster groups (for Maths and English) that enable every child to reach their full potential as staff identify specific needs and support in whatever way necessary.

- In Maths booster groups we are focusing on, key arithmetic skills (the four operations and fraction, decimal and percentage knowledge) and applying these skills to reasoning and problem solving. 

- In English booster groups we are focusing on reading - especially answer different types of questions and developing vocabulary knowledge. 


Road safety week

 As a whole school, we embraced 'Road Safety Week' through a variety of exciting and immersive activities. 

In Year 6, we focused on devising lines of inquiry,  data collection and representing data accurately. We identified potential hazards in the vicinity of school with regards to road safety and decided to investigate this fairly. A group of children took on the task of data collection and recorded the amount of traffic that came and went from outside of our school at the end of the school day. With the data collected, the children then represented their findings using a graph of their choice. 


Here are a few examples:




On Tuesday 9th April, as a well earned break from all of our revision, we will be taking all Year 6 students to Bingley Grammar School to watch a performance of 'The Greatest Show'. As we look forward to putting on our own leavers' show by the end of the year, we hope to gain lots of tips on how to perform for an audience. 


As part of our Easter Celebration, the Year 6 children are taking a leading role in planning and delivering the service at St. Mary's Church. They have learnt a variety of songs, including some old favourites (with actions!). 


A number of our Year 6 children took part in the school's 'Music extravaganza!'. This involved working with a trained professional to put on a performance (including both vocals and dance moves) of some well loved pop songs. 


Many of our Year 6 children have taken part in sporting competitions against other local schools. 



Women who wander winners!

Eight of our Year 6 girls, were lucky enough to be selected to take part in an event called 'Women who Wander'. This event was in collaboration with Community Rail and aimed to inspire girls to write and also follow their dreams of working in industries (like the railway) where women are in the minority. 


All of our Year 6 girls, produced such powerful poetry linking to the railway but also the gender imbalance and unfairness of it all. Whilst all of their poems were inspirational, two of our girls produced such amazing poetry that they were selected to be winners out of over 150 entries!  


Their prize was a day trip to Liverpool (accompanied by their families) whereby they would read their winning entries out in front of a large crowd before being presented with their award by The Mayoress of Liverpool. This was a great achievement and both girls were excellent ambassadors for our school.