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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Spring Term Journey

We have jumped back into this term with a spring in our step. We have been very lucky to have Joel visit us again. This term he has helped us learn all about birds. So far we have: been into the woods searching for birds hidden in the trees, learned to identify different birds, fed the birds and seen the different types of nests that they  build to lay their eggs. 




We have also helped to fill some of our brand new flower beds- moving soil from the old flower beds to the newer ones. It was hard work and we got very dirty but we loved it. We even found some wriggly worms- we were very gentle with them and we moved them to their new home in the new planters. 



Marvellous Me - Open Day

Our parents came to visit our classrooms this morning. We talked about how marvellous we all are. Before our parents came to visit we designed T-shirts the show everyone who we are and what we love. In the Hive we learnt about how everyone is special and we told our friends and family why we were special. We are special for lots of reasons: we share, we are gentle, we are kind, we are a good friend, we are responsible. Then we made our faces using paper plates - we all had smiley faces :-)