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Riddlesden St Mary

Year 6 Spring 1 Journey


Children have thoroughly enjoyed our English unit this term focused on our text 'Who Let the Gods Out?'  with links to History, exploring the impact of the Ancient Greek civilisation on the rest of the world. We focused on developing grammar skills, using the rules of speech in dialogue, varying punctuation, exploring characters with role-play and drama opportunities,. We have focused on reading and prosody and writing setting descriptions and narratives to develop our writing skills.


We have continued our work on fractions and leant how to use common factors to simplify fractions, use common multiples to express fractions in the same denomination. We have compared, ordered, added, subtracted, multiplied and divided fractions and applied our knowledge through fluency and reasoning based questions. Our children have explored and made conjectures about converting simple fractions to decimal fractions.  


Our unit this term on Animals Including Humans has been engaging and the children have thoroughly relished in building their knowledge of the human circulatory system; knowing and labelling parts. We have fully explored the impact of diet, exercise. drugs and lifestyle on the way our bodies function and described how nutrients and water are transported within animals, including humans.  We have continued to develop the skills of 'scientific enquiry' and children have enjoyed their bloody enquiries! All our children are encouraged to ask questions about scientific concepts and carry out investigations.

Wider Curriculum

In addition, children have explored 'Where does courage come from?' in  Values and learnt about Mohammed Ali and how he showed courage outside of the ring. We have studied the Ancient Greek civilisation ; locating Greece and discussed its position in the world, learning about the development of democracy from its creation in Ancient Greece to systems used today.  Children have enjoyed debating and running our own class elections.