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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Autumn 1 Journey

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We are looking forward to welcoming all the children to Sunflowers Nursery.

The indoor and outdoor provision areas are ready and we can't wait to start learning and exploring together!




Our first week... 













 It has been a busy first week for all of us  in Sunflowers. The children have been settling in really well and exploring all areas of the nursery. 

We have been making new friendships and getting to know each other as well as learning the nursery routine. 

 We have enjoyed investigating both the indoor and outdoor area. 

 Most children have shown a great interest in playing with the play dough and being able to relate their own experiences through this play such as making buns and pizza.

 The outdoor area has been quite popular as it allows them to experiment different ways of moving. The climbing frame and slide has been one of the favourites outside, giving children the independence and confidence to climb and slide down independently.


 Rules & Routines

The week the children have been learning all about the rules and routines in Sunflowers. They have been taught how to wash their hands after toileting and before any mealtimes/snacks.

1- Turn the tap on and wet our hands

2 - Put soap on your hands and rub soap all over your hands and between your fingers

3 - Wash the soap off your hands


4 - Use 1 paper towel to dry your hand then put the paper towel in the bin.



We have been learning to line up in a straight line for when we want to go play outside or when we go to the library. We have been following instructions about how to walk in a straight line, this will help us when we walk to the library and go on our welly walks round the school grounds!


The children have also experienced playing outside in the rain. The children know they have to wear wellies or wet suits if they want to splash in the puddles or get busy in the mud kitchen. They have used their imaginations when using the paint brushes and paint rollers for mark making in the puddles and the children have made some very muddy creations in our mud kitchen!




 We have also been on a listening walk this week. We listened to all the different sounds we could hear in Nursery and then went out into the playground to see what else we could hear.




Learning about Autumn

 This week we have started to learn about Autumn.

We have been exploring the leaves, sticks, conkers, pine cones and sweet chestnuts in the tuff tray.



We went on an autumn walk around the school grounds. We collected our own sticks and leaves. We found some apples growing on a tree and noticed that the leaves on the trees are changing colour and falling to the ground.  We found green, brown, yellow, orange and red leaves. After our walk we enjoyed some hot chocolate to warm ourselves up.



Back in Nursery we used the leaves to make 'Leaf Men' after reading the book 'Leaf Man'.

We have been drumming and learning how to listen for different sounds. This week we all had a stick and tapped different surfaces in Nursery to make different sounds. We made loud sounds and quiet sounds, we also used our sticks outside to explore the different sounds we could make. We were very good at making lots of different sounds around nursery. 

This week we went to the library for the first time. In the library we choose a book to read and take home. We also voted for which story we wanted Miss Watmough to read to us, we love listening to stories.

We will visit the library every Tuesday to choose a new book.


Owl Babies


This week we have started to look at our focus story for this half term, ‘Owl Babies’.

Miss Watmough found a nest with 3 baby Owls in, we talked about what we could see in the nest. We could see owls, feathers, leaves and twigs. Miss Watmough told us that she knew a story about owls called ‘Owl Babies’. We sat and listened to the story, by the end we were starting to join in with the repeated phrase ‘I want my mummy’. We all had a think (just like the owls in the story) about where the Mummy Owl went, this is what we said:

"To the beach, she had a lovely day"           "Mummy goes home"
                                                        "To the shop".


Last week each child was given a paper bag and asked to collect some Autumn items such as leaves, sticks and conkers with their families, this week the children have been bringing their full bags back into Nursery – look at all the different things they have found!


When we were talking about Owls at the start of the week lots of the children knew that Owls were birds so on Friday we decided to make some bird feeders. Felicity’s mum kindly gave us some things to make the bird feeders with.

We had to listen very carefully to the instructions, use a spoon to scoop the ingredients into the cups and count out how many cups we had used. We then had to mix all the ingredients together and scoop the mixture into the bun cases. Once the bird feeders had set we went to hang the bird feeders on the trees and fences in Nursery – we will be looking out for some birds enjoying the tasty treats we have made.



Fine Motor Skills

This week we have been busy developing our fine motor skills through different learning activities.For one activity we had a large pumpkin where the children used small wooden hammers to hammer matchsticks into the pumpkin. This helped develop their fine motor skills by being able to have good control of both the hammer and holding the matchstick.



The children have been busy creating faces on biscuits. To do this they have used different ingredients to make these, such as raisins for eyes, strawberry laces for mouth and milky/chocolate buttons for noses. This was a fun way of learning the different features on the faces, as well as being able to identify where the features are on the face. Children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this and couldn't wait to eat their yummy faces they had created.






 During carpet time Dough Disco was introduced again the children listened really well to the instructions Miss Watmough gave and joined in wonderfully. The children experimented in moving the dough, squeezing, pinching, poking and rolling this. Doing this allowed the children to strengthen their fine motor skills and muscles. Also enabling them to develop their pencil grip and being able to hold this with control to form marks and write.

 '50 things to do before you're 5'

 On Wednesday we invited parents in for the launch of '50 things to do before you're 5'.

50 things to do before you're 5 website

Lots of parents turned up and were keen to join in with some of the '50 things' activities set up in Sunflowers.

Parents joined their children to read stories, make marks, explore the sand and water, make music, play with bubbles and much more!

Here are some photos to show what we got up to!







Diwali, ducks and delicious chocolate nests!

 This week in Sunflowers we have been learning about Diwali. Mrs Bhardwaj talked to us about how she celebrates Diwali. We learnt about eating special food, wearing new clothes and giving gifts. We learnt that Diwali is the 'festival of light' and Mrs Bhardwaj showed us her special diva lamp that she lights at Diwali. We all made a diva lamp using bright colours, sequins and glitter. We also enjoyed mark making in colourful sand and making our own rangoli patterns using shapes and designing henna patterns.


We have also been on an Autumn walk to feed the ducks, We noticed that lots of the leaves had changed colour and have started to fall to the ground. Once we were at the canal we were surprised to see so many ducks - the teachers counted over 30 ducks! We enjoyed feeding the ducks, we even sang '5 little ducks' to them.







To finish off our topic linked to 'Owl Babies' we made some chocolate nests for the Owl Babies. We had to listen carefully and follow the instructions. First we washed our hands, then we melted the chocolate and mixed in some cornflakes. Finally we scooped the mixture into bun cases and added the Owl Babies. We were able to talk about the story, recall the main characters and talk about what happened,