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Useful Links

Riddlesden St Mary


At Riddlesden St Mary's, E-safety issues form an integral part of our ICT curriculum. 

We promote Zip It, Block It, Flag It – the Click Clever, Click Safe Code for children and young people.

ZIP IT refers to children keeping their personal information and material private and thinking about what they say or do online.

BLOCK IT reminds children to block people who communicating inappropriately and not to open any links and attachments they receive by email or through social networks if they’re not 100 per cent sure they’re safe.

FLAG IT advises children to report to a parent, guardian, teacher or someone in authority, anything that upsets them while they are online or if someone asks them to meet up in the real world.

 Please click on any of the useful button links below. They offer advice, resources and guidance for both children and parents/guardians:


 E - Safety Sessions in School

November 2018 - PC Luke Carson delivers E-safety sessions to Years 5 and 6.

E-safety is part of the National Curriculum. Children benefit from the Cyber Awareness sessions as they not only become aware of the potential online dangers, but also learn how to protect themselves. These are run by West Yorkshire Police. PC Luke Carson is part of the West Yorkshire Police and has been delivering pupil, parent and staff E – Safety Sessions for the past two years. During these sessions they learn about the dangers of sharing private information, what to do if they have a concern, the law, the PEGI ratings, use of popular social media apps and cyber – bullying.