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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Autumn 1 Journey

Our Autumn 1 Curriculum Overview 

eyfs curriculum overview reception autumn 1 2022 2023.pdf

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We have had a wonderful first couple of weeks in Reception. Take a look below at us exploring our new classroom. We've had a lot of fun inside with activities such as; painting, drawing, and making cakes with playdough and we've also spent lots of time outdoors; watering the plants, experimenting with water and making mud pies!

First week in reception

The Colour Monster 

We have used the book 'The Colour Monster', to help us think about our own emotions and what makes us feel happy. We have made some colour bottles that match the colour monster jars and have enjoyed helping the Colour Monster organise his colours.


 We drew pictures of things that make us feel happy! 


We have enjoyed learning some new songs in Reception. You can listen to them below- don't forget the dance moves!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears 

We were extremely shocked to arrive at school and find some huge footprints around our classrooms. We looked for some clues and predicted who they might belong to. 


I think it's the Gruffalo, not the Gruffalo's Child because those prints are too large!

Maybe the Colour Monster has a new colour and it is brown.

It's a bear, from the forest.


The next day, we saw a video of Daddy Bear in our classroom, he sent us a letter to explain that he was looking for Goldilocks, she had broken Baby Bear's chair!  

We made some posters of Goldilocks so that other people could look for her!


We are looking forward to using the story 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' in our learning this half term. Here is what we have been up to. 

Some of us decided to make Baby Bear a new chair.

We have been thinking about how Baby Bear was feeling when he found out that Goldilocks had eaten his porridge, broken his chair and slept in his bed. We noticed that Baby Bear had a sad face. We thought about ways that Goldilocks could show that she was sorry about what happened. 

We have also been thinking about how Daddy Bear felt when he found out the chair he had made for Baby Bear had been broken. We noticed that his face told us that he was angry!

We have enjoyed making our own bears out of playdough. 



We were really excited to find a letter from The Three Bears, they had left us some porridge ingredients and a recipe. We followed the recipe carefully and made our own porridge. 




Religious Education

Where Do I Belong?

We have been thinking about where we belong and why we are special. We have enjoyed sharing our family photographs with each other as well as sharing other special occasions such as, baptisms, 1st birthday celebrations and being welcomed into a religion.

We thought about how religions teach that each person is unique and valuable. We looked carefully in a mirror and thought about our features and how these are similar and different to others in our class, we found out about our bones and body parts.







This half term we have been finding out more about one of our school values - Respect. Our key question linked to this value is 

How do I look after myself?

We have been learning to wash our hands properly and why this is important and, have learnt about good oral hygiene. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day just like these children in Ducks and Swans! 




We are also working hard on our independence skills in class to help us to look after ourselves.

Forest Adventure

Reception children have had the most wonderful afternoon visiting the forest for the very first time! We even enjoyed our very own picnic with some bears...🌳🐾🐻