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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Autumn Term Journey 2020

Autumn 1


In English this half term we will be focusing on the text 'Everest'.



This book links really well with our Geography topic of 'Mountains and Maps'.

We started off our English topic by looking at some of the equipment that the explorers may have used in the book. From this we predicted what we thought the book might have been about.


We then used the text to help us answer a range of comprehension questions, which gave us more of an insight into the book.

Towards the end of the unit we created a non-chronological report all about Mount Everest, we used a range of research methods to help us collect information that we could include in our writing. We really enjoyed researching and we learnt so many amazing facts!


Our topic in Maths this half term is 'Place Value'.

We have started off our unit by recapping some of our Year 3 skills - we did this by partitioning and representing 3 digit numbers in a variety of ways. We did this both practically and using written representations.


We then used these skills to explore the bigger numbers and apply them to 4 digit numbers.

As well as partitioning we also ordered and compared 4 digit numbers. We did this by looking at each digit carefully and working out which number was the biggest or the smallest.

towards the end of our place value unit we moved onto looking at Roman Numerals, We really enjoyed looking at these and finding the patterns. Here are some pictures of matching the Roman Numerals to our number system.




Addition and Subtraction

After we had finished our place value unit we then moved onto our new unit of addition and subtraction. We started by recapping the year 3 objectives of adding a 3 digit number and tens, and then two 3 digit numbers. We started off  making sure we set everything out correctly using the column method. We started to add and subtract numbers without exchanging or carrying just to make sure we were confident with these before moving onto calculations that did involve exchanging and carrying.

Then, we moved onto applying these skills to 4 digit numbers. As we had practised with 3 digit numbers we found this easy. We will continue to explore our addition and subtraction unit next half term.



In Science this half term we will be focussing on 'Electricity'.

We started off by thinking about what 'Electricity' is and how it works, as well as sorting items that use mains electricity and those that don't, We then started to explore how circuits work, and we carried out investigations with circuits to see which circuit would work best and why.


At the end of the unit we made our own buzz-loop wire games. We thought about the design we wanted for our game and what our circuit would look like. Then with our partner we created our games.





Our topic for geography is 'Mountains', during this topic we focused on,

- locating countries using a map

- locating and naming mountains on a map

- using a map to focus on the European countries as well as North and South America

- using a 4 point compass to direct 2 people to a point

- describing and understanding the key aspects of mountains


As well as the geography focus, we also had 2 artists that we looked at this half term. The first artist was Georges Seurat, we explored the techniques he used by using dots to create images. We then used this technique to create a mountain image.


We also looked at Paul Cezanne and the techniques he used. Here are some images of us practising the techniques.




Our topic for music this year is 'Musical Theatre', and each half term we will be focussing on a different musical as well as thinking about the history of musical theatre.

We will also be looking at people who have contributed so passionately towards musical theatre and what it is today, as well as comparing musicals and learning some of the songs.

Our musical for this half term is 'The Sound of Music'.


We learnt all about the story behind the musical as well as comparing it to the real life story of the Vonn Trapps. We looked at a couple of the songs from the musical and we started to learn one of the song 'Do-Re'Mi'. We really enjoyed learning this song as it made us feel happy and uplifted.

As well as learning all about 'The Sound of Music', we also looked at the history of Musical Theatre and where it came from. We couldn't believe that there are aspects of Musical Theatre that date back to Ancient Greece, it has been around for such a long time. We also learnt that there are different types/genres of Musicals, and not everyone likes every genre there is.

Throughout the year we are going to look at some different Musical Theatre genres to see which we prefer and why.


In Spanish this half term we will be looking at important festivals in Spain and learning about those as well as greeting each other correctly when having a conversation.

Some of the festivals that we explored during this unit have been, 'La Tomatina', 'El Noche de Rabanos' and 'El encierro de Toros'. We learnt so many amazing facts about these festivals we they are so completely different to any that we celebrate in Britain.


We did lots of partner work when practising our conversational skills and used the new vocabulary we have learnt.

We also wrote conversations, using the new vocabulary, between Edmund Hillary and Norgay Tenzing.



In RE this half term we will be focussing on the question 'What is it like to follow God'.

We used Godly Play to explore the story of Abraham and Sarah, this led onto us thinking about how we would feel if God asked us to do something and leave our family behind. We had some fantastic discussions as a class on how we would feel and what we would do.



In Values this half term we will be focussing on our value of 'Respect'. Our key question for this half term is 'How can we respect our environment?', and our famous person linked to our value is 'Nelson Mandela'.


We learnt all about his life and how made such a positive impact for his country and community.




Autumn 2



 In English this half term we are focusing on the text ' Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.


We have started off by reading 2 of the chapters and using these to answer a mixture of retrieval and inference questions. We are going to be using the text to write character descriptions and improving our range of adjectives that we can use in our writing.



In maths this half term we are continuing with our unit of addition and subtraction, we are going to consolidate our column methods for both addition and subtraction as well as solving missing number problems.

We are also continuing with our weekly problem solving lessons which lets us apply our skills in different contexts.


 In science this half term we are focusing on the unit 'Animals including Humans'. In this unit of work we are going to be exploring the different types of teeth we have as well as their functions, we are going to be exploring the digestive system and how it works as well as carrying out some investigations.


 In music this half term we are going to be learning all about the Musical 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'




This half term we are focusing on the value of Peace, and our question that we are going to explore is 'What is Peaceful Problem-solving?'.


Our famous person for this half term that links to our value is 'Alicia Keys'. We are going to look at how she links to our value and what we can learn from her.