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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Spring 1 Journey

Our Spring 1 Curriculum Overview 

eyfs curriculum overview reception spring 1.pdf

 Don't forget to complete some of our '10 things to do at home' challenges. How many can you complete? Email any photographs to

10 things to do at home spring 1.pdf


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We were extremeley excited to find ice in our classroom. We enjoyed touching the ice and were able to describe how it felt.


We noticed that the ice had started to melt when in our classroom, we realised that the temperature was much warmer inside than out and, that was why it had started to melt. 


Look, it's water again!


We experimented what painting with ice would be like.


We found out that the North Pole and Antarctica are both cold places, in different parts of the world. We looked on a globe to find where these places are an the animals that live there. 


When we arrived at school we found a tray filled with objects, these included, some silver boots, a collinder, a box covered with paw prints and a brown bear. What could it be? 


We predicted what it might be.

I think Baby Bear has some wellies for the forest

It is Baby Bear's bed.

Baby Bear is going to the moon in his box.

Later in the week, Baby Bear sent us a letter to tell us that he had been on a journey to the moon in a rocket! He wore space boots and a helmet, just like an astronaut. 

Baby Bear also sent us a story called 'Whatever Next' about his journey. You can listen to the story below.


We have been listening carefully and going on a journey to the moon.

Here we are exploring some of our new provision resources. 


We have been creating some observational drawings of rockets. 


We read the story 'Look Up' and started to find out some non-fiction information about Earth and beyond as well as what it takes to become an astronaut. 


We found out about Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon and about Mae Jamison who was the first African-American woman in space. 

We were extremely excited to look through a real telescope! 



Our value this half term is 'Courage' 

We read the book 'Be Brave Little Penguin' to help us think about what having courage means and thought about the times we have showed courage.

We have been trying hard to have courage and give everything a go, this song helped to remind us to keep on persevering!

You can listen to the story here. 

We have also been learning a song about courage. 

We shared a time when we have been brave and showed courage. 


I was brave when I fell off my bike. 

It was scary when I had an injection but I was brave and got a sticker.

I sometimes get scared of going swimming but I like it and am brave.              

 Design and Build

We have been working hard to develop our block plat skills. Thinking about designing our creations first, just like an architect.


RE- Which Places are Special and Why?

This half term, we have been thinking about which places are special and why. We have shared our own special places and found out about special places to worship. 

Big Garden Birdwatch

This half term we have been getting involved in the Big Garden Birdwatch 2024. We have learnt lots of new facts about birds and created some wonderful observational drawings. We took on the role of bird watchers and counted how many different kinds of bird we spotted. We have welcomes Joel, our school gardener to help us with our learning and especially enjoyed making bird feeders. 


Lunar New Year

Reception children were excited to welcome one of our parents to join us in the classroom today, Siya helped us find out more about Lunar New Year. We tasted traditional Chinese tea, had a go at using chopsticks, made lucky red envelopes and Siya even showed us how to write some Chinese phrases.

We had such a wonderful morning learning and celebrating!

Lunar New Year