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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Spring 1 Journey

View our curriculum web to see what we will be learning this half term. 

spring 1 half termly curriculum web.pdf


View our homework activities for this half term linked to our topics. We hope the children will enjoy completing these activities and look forward to seeing the children's amazing work.

spring 1 homework 4.pdf

 Spelling booklets

year 2 spelling booklet group 1.pdf

year 2 spelling booklet group 2.pdf

year 2 spelling booklet group 3 .pdf


 The children have been really excited to find out more about our new class book 'Leaf'. We were given some clues so that we could predict what the book was going to be about. We passed around a polar bear, a crow, leaves and ice! Some of our predictions were very close to the actual story!


We then did some hot seating! We stepped into the role of the main character Leaf. We then asked him some questions. Here are some of the questions we asked Leaf...

How old are you?

Are you lost?

Where is your family?

Why did the animals run away from you?


Drama workshop 

Year 2 were immersed in Shakespearean drama; re-enacting Macbeth using freeze-framing. The children enjoyed expressing his thoughts and feelings. They used a range of vocabulary to describe Macbeth and compared it to modern day English. 

A special thanks to Mrs Moorhouse (Bingley Grammar School) for making the afternoon so interactive and enjoyable. We can't wait for the next session!




This half term, we are learning about the continents and oceans. Here are two songs that we have been singing in class. Have a sing along at home!



This half term, we are learning about plants! We looked at the plants in our school grounds and discussed the parts of a leaf. We looked at seeds and looked at how they grow into a plant. We carried out an investigation: Do bigger seeds grow into taller plants? 

plants vocabulary.pdf




This half term, we have been learning about shape and money. In our problem solving lesson, we sorted shapes using a Venn diagram through group work.


We also solved some real life money problems!



The cooking group enjoyed making delicious pizza faces! They also discussed and tasted a variety of fruits. They then watched a video about where different fruit comes from.