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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Spring 2 Journey

Our Spring 2 Curriculum Overview

eyfs curriculum overview reception spring 2 2.pdf

 Don't forget to complete some of our '10 things to do at home' challenges. How many can you complete? Email any photographs to

10 things to do at home 2.pdf

Real Life Superheroes 

We have been finding out about real life superheroes and how they help us to stay safe and look after our wonderful world! 

We have found out about Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Doctor's and Nurses and Vets.

 Look at some of our SUPERB writing. coming soon!

We have our own emergency service areas set up around our classroom and have enjoyed role playing how we can help others. 

Real life superhero role play


The Power of Imagination

We walked into our classroom to find there had been a terrible crime!! We looked for clues and investigated what had happened before making some of our own predictions.


We found out that there had been an Evil Pea in our classroom, he had escaped from the freezer and committed some terrible crimes towards the other vegetables.

He sent us the book Supertato to read. You can listen to the story here. 

Evil Pea continued to cause mischief in school! We knew we had to stop him!  After our hard work, writing letters, making posters and setting traps, Evil Pea was finally caught! Supertato was rescued and Evil Pea was taken back to the freezer where he belongs!!!!!

Making 10

We have been finding different ways to make 10. See if you can collect 10 objects at home and split them into two groups to find the different ways to make 10. Don't forget to send us a photograph!



This song can help you to remember number bonds to 10.

Click here to watch the Numberblock episode 'Blast Off'

Numberblocks Blast Off


Reception children were thrilled to welcome greengrocers Ben and Maria from Hedgehog Organics. We showed Ben and Maria the greengrocers we had set up in our classroom and they demonstrated what's involved in their job, we can't wait to replicate this when role playing next week. We found out about many different fruit and vegetables and even got to taste some of their delicious organic apples. 

Visit from the greengrocers


The Easter Story

Tom and Tessa brought one of their favourite stories for us to read, 'Heaven's Big Secret'. It told us all about the Easter story. After, we role-played Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey. There were people celebrating his arrival by shouting Hosanna, waving palm leaves and laying down their cloaks.

We have been finding out why Easter is an important time for Christian people, what the symbol of a cross means and how to create an Easter garden. 

We also enjoyed visiting St Mary's Church for the Easter service with Reverend Tony


 Observational Painting

We used our skills in observational painting to create our paintings of some daffodils. We have been noticing lots of flowers starting grow, reminding us of the new life that occurs during this time of the year.



Children's author Sara Khan spent the day with us to help us find out more about what Ramadan means to Muslims. Sara immersed herself in our learning linked to her book 'My First Ramadan'. We were busy with different arts and crafts and some of had mehndi applied to our hands. We had such a wonderful day of learning!


 Story Session 

We were excited to welcome some grown-ups into our classroom to share a special story with. Our adults first listened to our teachers read a story before we got cosy with our adult to enjoy a book of our choice. We were thrilled so see so many adults- thanks for coming!