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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Spring 2 Journey

 At the beginning of this half term it was pancake day. We learnt another word for pancake day is Shrove Tuesday. 

On Monday we wrote shopping lists so Miss Ash knew what to buy from the shops. We needed flour, milk and eggs to make the pancakes and then we got to decide on what toppings we would like. We chose chocolate, sugar, syrup, bananas and strawberries. 

On Tuesday we read our pancake recipe, helped to measure out the ingredients and and then mixed up the pancake batter. We then spread our toppings on, rolled the pancake up and then we got to eat them! We all thought they were delicious! 


Week 2

This week something VERY exciting happened. When we arrived at Nursery there were giant footprints everywhere! We began to think about what could have been in Nursery and decided it must have been a dinosaur! We wondered what they looked like, how they had got in, why they came to our nursery and what they were doing... 


I think it was a flying dinosaur... he comed in the window.
Maybe it tip topped (tip-toed) through the door
I think it was a dinosaur that came to eat all our cookies like the Tiger who Came to Tea! I read that book at home. 
It must be an orange dinosaur because he left orange foot prints.
It's too big for my foot! 


The next day the dinosaur had left us a book to read.... Dinosaurs in the Supermarket. After reading it we were glad the dinosaur hadn't made a mess in our Nursery like the dinosaurs in the story.