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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Spring 2 Journey

Topic web and 10 things to do

Our focus texts this half term:



New Skills 

 We have started to learn a new art skill in nursery. We are learning how to paint mix using the powder paints. The children watched a masterclass in paint mixing and they have been having a go throughout the week, exploring the process and making their own colours.             



 Jack and the Beanstalk

We found some beans in our classroom with a special letter from a mysterious person!


What could they be and who is tiny teeny Jack?

"They are golden"                                                                                         "sparkly magic beans"

              "I know about those beans"

"A witch has sent them"

"They turn into a beanstalk"                                       "I want to meet tiny teeny Jack"

"I like beans I have them at home"

"Pirate ship beans"

"My beans on toast are not golden"


We decided to plant the beans. We talked about what they might need to grow. We decided they would need soil, water and sun,



Look what happened to the beans...'s a beanstalk and a special post box all the way from fairy tale land!

"Wow that's magic!"

"Its so sparkly."

"I think witches live at the top making spells"

"It's from Jack and the Beanstalk."

"A giant will fall out of the beanstalk."

"It grew from a seed, it will get bigger!"

We decided to write letter to fairy tale land and see if we received anything back. 


World Book Day

We explored the text Errol's Garden as part of our world book day celebrations. We designed our own gardens just like Errol .


          We loved sharing lots of stories with each other. 







Going on a giant hunt!

We went on a giant hunt to our forest and we were so excited to find clues that the giant has been camping in our forest! We discovered his gloves, his buttons and his ginormous blanket. We also climbed trees, collected natural treasures, and we even found stick man. What a busy day. 



Laulau songdrawing programme.

We follow the Laulau Songdrwaing programme in nursery. It helps us with our collaborative skills, our fine and gross motor skills, our listening skills. We do this together drawing a range of objects and feelings to music twice a week. 

Take a look at some of our amazing pictures.





Growing and planting 

 We have explored how plants grow and change from seeds and  bulbs to fully grown plants and flowers over the last few weeks. We even planted our own beanstalks. Lets hope they grow up the the giants castle!





We explored the Easter, we started by sharing everything we already knew about Easter and then we used the Easter  story to find out why Easter is important to Christians. 

The children also enjoyed making Easter crafts, trying hot cross buns and taking part in a chocolate science experiment