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Riddlesden St Mary


 Our Spring 2 learning journey...

Focus question: Why can't meerkats live in the North Pole?

Our focus text this half term is Meerkat Mail, we will be exploring new learning and securing previously taught skills all around the adventure of Sunny, the meerkat. 




Year 1 have explored the United Kingdom and the four different countries that make up the island as well as its capital cities. Then we travelled further afield and looked at hot and cold places in the world. We looked at key aspects such as the Northern and Southern hemisphere as well as the Equator. The children had great fun looking at the Kalahria Desert. Did you know that not all deserts are hot? 



This half term we have been revisiting and expanding our knowledge of 'Animals Including Humans', Our key scientist this half term was Jane Goodall who spent her lifes work on chimpanzees! Year 1 found it very exciting looking at different animals groups and especially our work on different types of eaters! 


RE - Who is Jewish and how do they live? 

This half term we have looked at the Jewish religion and focused on how they live. We looked at a range of celebrations and how Jewish people prepare to celebrate them. The children loved designing their very own mezuzahs. 


Values - What does being sorry mean?

This half term the children explored the value of FORGIVENESS and looked at different ways people show that they are sorry. Year 1 had a rich discussion about how sometimes saying sorry isn't easy and it might take you a while to say it but you get there in the end. 

Our Values person this half term:

half term 4 curriculum overview meerkat mail.pdf


year 1 homework web spring 2.pdf