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Riddlesden St Mary


Our Summer 1 Learning Journey ...

Focus question: Is Cliffe castle really a castle?  

 Our focus text this half term is Hector and the Big Bad Knight, we will be exploring new learning and securing previously taught skills around the adventures of our exciting new characters. We will also be expanding our knowledge of place value within 5o and digging deeper with our understanding of addition and subtraction. 


 To launch the key question, 'Is Cliffe Castle Really a Castle?' Year 1 spent an exciting day at Skipton Castle. The children spent the day exploring the vast grounds, listening to the history of the castle and role playing the various roles that would make up the life of the castle. The children had a fantastic day and learnt the following sticky knowledge facts: 

  • Skipton Castle did have a moat and a drawbridge 
  • The castles dungeon is very dark (and cold)
  • The castle is over 900 years old! 
  • The arrow slits are nearly the same height as the tallest Year 1 child! 
  • The toilet has a very steep drop

Once back at the school the children researched the history of castles and we made great links to the Royal family. Finally, the children investigated the history of Cliffe Castle and the children were amazed to find that it is in fact NOT a real castle. 



RE - Who do Christians say made the world?


Values - How am I trusted by others? 



half term 5 curriculum overview hector and the big bad knight.pdf


year 1 homework web summer 1.pdf