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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Summer  1 and 2 Journey

English - Beowulf

 As our history topic for Summer 1 and 2 is dedicated to Anglo-Saxons, we will be completing various English activities linked to the story 'Beowulf'. 

Reading Phase:

At the moment, we are in the 'reading phase'. At the start, we had an image which gave us some clues as to what the text was about. Working in groups, we predicted the following:

  • What could the story be about?
  • Where could the story be set?
  • Who are the main characters?
  • What could happen in the story?

 Then, we participated in a couple of recipricol reading sessions which gave us more information about the text. Part of the recipricol reading involved us asking questions about the text. 

Once we had spent a few lessons on prediction, we read the story. Then, we practised our comprehension skills by focusing on retrieval, inference and vocabulary skills. 


Maths - Money and Time


Science - Sound


Topic - Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing?

In groups, we looked at images of some artefacts  and discussed what kind of person the artefacts might have originally belonged to. Then, we wrote down our thoughts on the sugar paper with the help of some questions.


Anglo-Saxon Workshop

This half term, we had a visitor who took on the role of an Anglo-Saxon lord.  He started the session with us asking him questions using our knowledge from our previous topic lessons. He told us about how the Anglo Saxons came to Britain and how.  He showed us many Anglo-Saxon shields and the sword of Excalibur used by King Arthur.  After, we split into our enrichment groups and rotated around the following activities:

  • Anglo – Saxon games
  • designing our own Anglo-Saxon shield onto A2 card
  • writing our names using the alphabet system during the Anglo-Saxon period. We also used a feather and pen to do this.

After playtime, we had the opportunity to learn about various artefacts from the Anglo-Saxon period such as jewellery, helmets, weapons, shields, clothes and coins.  Some of us had the opportunity to try the helmets on and take on the role of a king.

In the afternoon, we took part in a tug of war game, sword fighting, learnt how to be warriors and about the Battle of Hastings in 1066.  We used foam swords and shields to act out the battle scenes.

RSE - Connections are key


Music - Wicked

This half term, we will be completing activities linked to the musical 'Wicked'.