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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Spring 2 Journey 

Our Spring 2 Curriculum Overview

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The children in Tadpoles absolutely love listening to stories, and singing nursery rhymes. Each term we focus on two or three stories, and rhymes linked to our theme. 

This terms theme: Animals.

The stories we have been reading: Brown bear, Brown bear. Monkey and me, and Dear Zoo.

Nursery rhymes: The bear went up the mountain. Two little Dickie birds, and down in the jungle.

We also celebrated Mothers Day, and Easter.


Dear Zoo.

Tadpoles loved exploring the book 'Dear Zoo.' They are able to retell the story along with Miss Barber while she reads it, and independently. We have created animal masks, washed dirty animals in the water tray, looked at the sizes of each animal compared to them, explored a very messy but fun safari tuff tray and even watched the animals at the zoo via a webcam. 

     "look camel" said Eesa.


 Monkey and me.

" Monkey and me, monkey and me, monkey and me, what can you see" 

We explored this book for two weeks, we even went to the school forest to see what we could see. 



Ramadan Day.

Across the whole school we celebrated the festival of Ramadan. During this day we explored a new book called 'I say As-Salamu'alaykum.' We had so much fun reading and understanding this  book. We also created Eid cards ready for the festival of Eid, went on a walk to the school library to explore items Mrs Khan had brought in linked to the Muslim Religion. We ended the day with our grown ups having fun with lots doing Ramadan activities.



The last 10 days before we broke up, we celebrated Easter. We celebrated all things new. We looked at the meaning of spring, and what happens at Spring time. We ended our topic of Easter by going on a Easter egg hunt.