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Useful Links

Riddlesden St Mary

Phase 3 Phonics

Phase 3 continues in the same way as Phase 2, children will be introduced to more letter sounds and tricky words and will be developing their skills in reading and spelling.

Below are some games and activities to support with Phase 3 Phonics at home.

Phoneme Flash Cards

It is very important that we pronounce letter sounds clearly and correctly. Join in and say the phonemes with Miss Halliday.


Phase 3 Tricky Words

Join in with Miss Halliday and read the 'tricky words'.

Sing along to the 'tricky word' song.

Alphabet Song

Sing along to the alphabet song by Charanga


Phonics Lessons 

Below are some full four part phonics lessons that your child might like to join in with . 

Blending to Read

Here are some videos you can join in with to practise blending to read, look out for the digraphs and trigraphs.


Yes or No Questions

Read the questions and decide if the answer is 'yes' or 'no'.

 Egg Smash

Blend the letter sounds to read the words and decided which words are real, the others will be smashed...!


Buried Treasure

Help Phonics Frog find some treasure by reading the real words.


Who Said it?

Read the sentences before your time runs out and decide 'Who said it?'


Segmenting to Spell

Below are some activities to help you practise segmenting words to spell them. You will need something to write with and write on and, your Spider-Man arms to help you segment words.

Phonics Frog at the Farm

Join Phonics Frog as he visits the farm.


Blankety Blank

Can you help Phonics Frog fill in the missing blanks?


Silly Soup - Sentence Writing

Phonics Frog has been getting up to mischief, find out what he has put in his silly soup.


Magic Bag 1 - Word Writing

Join in with magic bag and have a go at writing the words.


Magic Bag 2 - Word Writing

Join in with magic bag and have a go at writing the words.

 Build a Word

You will need to make these phoneme cards before playing this game.