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Useful Links

Riddlesden St Mary

Phase 4 Phonics

The main aim of this phase is to consolidate the children's knowledge. This phase helps children to blend and segment words with adjacent consonants for example, 'truck' and 'help'. These adjacent consonant phonemes can both be heard when you say the word which makes them different from a digraph, where there are two letters that make just one sound. Children are introduced to multi-syllabic words such as 'starfish' and learn another set of 'tricky words'.

Phase 4 Tricky Words

Join in with Miss Halliday and read the 'tricky words'.

Blending to Read 

Below are some videos you can join in with to practise blending to read words.

Phase 4 Blending to Read

Phase 4 Blending to Read - Multi-Syllabic Words


Yes or No Questions

Read the questions and decide if the answer is 'yes' or 'no'.

 Salt Words

Blend the phonemes (sounds) to read the words.

Buried Treasure

Help Phonics Frog find some treasure by reading the real words.



Who Said it?

Read the sentences before your time runs out and decide 'Who said it?'

 Segmenting to Spell

Below are some activities to help you practise segmenting words to spell them. You will need something to write with and write on and, your phoneme fingers or Spider-Man arms to help you segment words.

Silly Soup - Sentences

Phonics Frog has been getting up to mischief, find out what he has put in his silly soup and let's write some sentences together.


Magic Bag - Word Writing

Join in with magic bag and have a go at writing the words.