Useful Links

Useful Links

Riddlesden St Mary

Reception Maths at Home

On this page you will find resources to help your child with their Maths at home. 

You could also use some of the videos from The White Rose Maths Hub: 

Numbers 1,2,3

Numberblocks episodes are a good way to help your child with their Maths - it helps with number recognition and also the understanding of each number.


Another One 


One, Two, Three 

We have been learning to subitise amounts of 1,2 and 3. This means being able to say how many there are without counting. You could use this document below to help you. 


You could also print this activity below,  cut out the cards and then sort them into three piles. Putting all the representations of each number together. 
1,2,3 activity  

 More and Fewer

We have been learning to use the vocabulary 'more' and 'fewer' to compare two groups of objects. Use this document below and talk about which hat has 'more' and which hat has 'fewer'. 
More and Fewer