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Reception Phonics at Home

Phonics is taught daily in Reception and is such an important part of the day. Phonics teaches children how to read and spell words.

On this page you will find lots of resources to support your child at home with their phonics. 

Miss Halliday and Miss Watmough have uploaded some videos for your child to access at home to support their phonics development. If you require any further information or have any questions, please get in touch. 

You could also access the phase 2 videos and resources on the page below:

Phase 2 phonemes 

Videos to support phonics at home

It is important that your child pronounces these letter sounds correctly, use the videos below to support your child in doing this. 

Phase 3 ur, ow, oi, ear

ur, ow, oi and ear blending

Phase 3 oo oo ar or


oo oo ar or blending


Phase ai ee igh oa


Phase 3 blending


Phase 2 blending

Phase 2 sh th ng nk


Phase 2- blending

Phase 2 - blending

Phase 2- z zz qu ch

Phase 2 blending

Phase 2 - v w x y


Phase 2 blending

Phase 2 - ff ll ss j

Phase 2 Blending

Phase 2 - h b f l

Phase 2 Blending

Phase 2- ck, e, u, r

Phase 2- blending 

Phase 2 - g, o, c, k

Phase 2 - blending week 3

Phase 2 - i,n,m,d

Phase 2 - Blending to Read

Phase 2 - s,a,t,p



 Letter Names

Listen to, and join in with the alphabet song.