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Riddlesden St Mary

Schools Linking Project

The Linking Network allows the children to ‘explore identity, celebrate diversity, champion equality and promote community.’

The children get the opportunity to link with a school from a different area.

This enables the children to meet and create new friendships with children from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. The children really enjoy sending ‘curiosity’ questions to their linked school to find out more information about the children’s likes/dislikes, hobbies, the types of activities they do at their school etc.

Overall it is a fantastic opportunity to develop communication skills and promote inclusion! 

In addition to this, the children get to meet at a venue where they take part in many fun activities that allows the children to integrate and communicate with their new friends. They get to spend the day getting to know one another. In the summer term, the children meet again at one of the schools to take part in team building activities. Overall, it is a fantastic opportunity to develop communication skills and promote inclusion.

We welcomed our friends from Burley Oaks Primary School as part of the Schools Linking Network on Thursday 21st June. The focus of the day was to develop friendships and celebrate uniqueness. We took part in a variety of activities including art, games, sports and writing. At lunchtime, we all had a picnic together! We had a lot of opportunities to mix and develop our teamwork and social skills. It was great to spend the day with the children and we enjoyed making new friends.

I enjoyed being with my new friends from Burley Oaks


I liked having a chat with my friends from Burley Oaks whilst colouring


I liked the part where we went in the field and played together