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Riddlesden St Mary

Who works in The Hive? 

Mrs Woodyatt 

We are a nurture room based in the heart of the school called The Hive. We are a safe space for children who need that extra bit of support to settle, listen, concentrate and help to develop friendships.

We follow the Six Principles of Nurture to empower our children so they can reach their full potential. Our six principles are:

  • We feel safe in The Hive
  • We all have changes in our lives nurture helps us to cope
  • The types of words we use when we talk to each other are important
  • Our behaviour is telling you something
  • Nurture helps us to feel good on the inside
  • We all learn in our own way.

The Hive is run by Mrs Woodyatt.  In The Hive, the children may have Maths and English lessons. We also have fun with lots of hands on activities and games to help develop our social and emotional skills. Every day is a new adventure for our busy bees to explore and learn in a fun and structured way.

One of the things we are really good at is filling each other’s buckets. We fill each others buckets with kindness and respect- showing each other how to be a loving, caring person who says and does nice things to make others feel special.

Our Hive reaches out to children and adults throughout school- whether you are three years old or ninety nine years old our door is always open and everyone is welcome. As well as our structured morning sessions, we also offer drop in sessions, and mentoring.


Evie our school dog joins us in The Hive- she is a very calm and kind member of our team. She loves to listen to children read and have her tummy tickled. She also likes it when we take her out for a walk.