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Riddlesden St Mary

Year 4

All about Year 4


In year 4, the children get to take part in solving different problems!

This year the children got the opportunity to take a visit to a local supermarket to take part in some maths challenges linked to money. Children are challenged through various problems which enables them to use different areas of maths to solve problems. The ultimate times table challenge is carried out weekly to improved mental maths skills. The children love trying to beat their own top score!

I like solving problems that make me think about all the different things I have learnt in maths.



The children read a wide selection of books throughout the year.

They delve deep into the book to find out more about the different characters and settings. Exciting reading and writing opportunities allow the children to enjoy various books and become more imaginative writers.

I like English because I enjoy writing my own stories


Through debating, the children develop their speaking and listening skills and they are able to share their own thoughts and opinions.


Science lessons are always full of investigations and experiments to make exploring different scientific concepts fun!

I like it when we take part in experiments because we get to learn new things that we didn’t know before


Children learn about; sound, electricity, teeth and the digestive system and much more!


This year, the children have explored the Ancient Egyptians, the Romans and marvellous musicians! The children have really enjoy getting creative through designing and creating various products, such as; Roman pottery, musical instruments and ancient Egyptian jewellery. The trip to Leeds City Museum was a favourite amongst many children as they got the chance to see real Egyptian artefacts and learn more about the process of mummification!

I found it interesting learning about the Egyptians at Leeds City Museum. I will always remember that trip


Nell Bank residential

In year 4, the children get the chance to take part in a residential at Nell Bank in Ilkley. As this is the first residential for many children, it is reassuring for the children, as well as the parents, that it is not far from home!

The children are welcomed by the Nell Bank staff on arrival. The safety rules are explained to ensure that all the children are aware of the expectations. The activities involve pond dipping, orienteering, den building and many more! Playing on the adventure playground is always the highlight of the day. The children all take part in setting up for tea. Children learn to develop independence through taking care of their own belongings and by getting themselves ready for bed! What a fantastic opportunity for 8 and 9 years to spend some time away from home learning in the outdoors in a safe and friendly environment with their teachers!

Easter performance

The children in year 4 perform the Easter story to the rest of the school and to family and friends.

Through performing the story, the children are able to develop their confidence as they perform and sing in front of a large audience. This year, the children received incredible feedback as they read their lines off by heart using a loud and clear voice, they sang with passion and showed fantastic acting skills.