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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Autumn 2 Journey



In English this half term we have been focusing on 'War Horse' by Micheal Morpurgo. 

This links with our topic unit all about World War One. 

We have been exploring animals and how they were used during World War 1. We created mind maps of everything that we learnt and we then turned these into factual leaflets all about the different animals that were used. 



We spent a lot of time reading and analysing the text of 'War Horse' and this really helped us to understand it. During our English unit of work we created diary entries as if we were soldiers from WW1 and we also created letters home from these soldiers. Once we had written them, edited and published them we then use tea bags to tea stain them to make them look old. 


In topic this half term we have been working on WW1 and the history behind why it started and who was involved. We incorporated ICT research into this which reall yhelped us to build our knowledge of this topic. 

We worked together in table groups to order the events of WW1 in the correct chronological order. 




Throughout our topic lessons we have been researching and learning all about WW1 trenches and what they looked like and what they were used for. 

We completed a DT unit on creating WW1 trench dioramas using a range of materials and textures for effect. 

Here are some images of us creating them and our finished products. 






I am sure you will agree that our diorama trenches look amazing!


In year 5 this half term, we have had an amazing amount of homework back. Here are just a few of the fantastic pieces that have been created.