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Riddlesden St Mary

Collective Worship Council

Our Collective Worship Council is due to be set up by the Members of Pupil Parliament from December 2023. The Collective Worship Council aims to help plan, lead and improve Collective Worship across the whole school. The Worship will meet every half term, both as a commitee and at times, with the Members of Pupil Parliament. 

Each half term the Worship Council will meet together to do some of the following things: 

  • Reflect upon worship and how it can be even better.
  • Help plan/deliver collective worship sessions with Mrs Wright and Reverand Rob and Tony.
  • Help monitor and evaluate the different worship sessions and the school environment.
  • Learn more about worship e.g. why worship is important and the different ways to worship.
  • Contribute ideas for prayers.

Some of our aims for the coming year are for us to:

  • Develop pupil participation in collective worship.
  • Lead and evaluate worship.
  • Help ensure collective worship is diverse.
  • Explore what is meant by spirituality.
  • Help set up and maintain the prayer box.

These are just a few of the aims drafted by Members of Pupil Parliament, Mrs Wright and Mrs Whitaker.  At the beginning of Autumn 2, the MPs will observe a collective worship and trial the evaluation form. Then, they will be busy helping recruiting our Collective Worship Council.