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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Autumn 1 Journey

View  our curriculum web to see what we will be learning this half term. 

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 View our homework activities for this half term linked to our topics. We're sure the children will enjoy completing these and look forward to showcasing their work.

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In English this half term we have been exploring the book 'The Man who walked between the two towers'. 

We have spent a lot of time reading and exploring the book, we couldn't believe that someone would walk on a tightrope that high up in the air!


We have created some double page newspaper reports based on what Phillipe Petit did. We have really enjoyed this book and finding out about all of the amazing things that he has done. 


Our unit this half term is all about famous buildings from around the world. So to start our topic off we have started to explore famous buildings in our local area first.

We started off our lesson by looking at a selection of images of different buildings in and around our local area. Some of these we recognised but some of them we didn’t. so we had a discussion about each building and why they are important and some of them we found out were really special.


After that, we were given an envelope with 24 different images of buildings or parts of our local area and in our table groups we had to sort them. We weren’t given any headings for the groups so we looked at the pictures and sorted them in our own way. Some of us grouped them into buildings we knew and buildings that we didn’t know, some of us grouped them into old buildings and new buildings, some of us looked at the images and grouped the places that sold food together, the houses together and then interesting buildings together.


This generated a fantastic discussion as we were talking with each other on our table expressing our opinions, thoughts and ideas.


We have been exploring maps of our local area and comparing maps from the current day to maps from the 1950's. We have really enjoyed this and we have noticed so many similarities and differences. 



After we had explored our local area and the buildings within it, we then started to look at famous buildings from around the world and where in the world they are located. We started by working in groups to see if we could identify any of the buildings and where they are in the world. Then we used an atlas to locate them on a map.