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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Autumn 1 Journey

Autumn 1 overview

           Week One. 

 What a wonderful first week for all the children in Acorns. 

The children have all settled in so well and have had lots of fun exploring inside the classroom and outside in the garden. 

The children enjoyed lots of messy play, filling and emptying containers in the water tray, creating colourful pictures in the creative area as well as singing nursery rhymes and exploring with the playdough. 

The children went on their first walk around the school grounds, listening to all the different sounds, and seeing all the wonderful areas around school. 

The Nursery rhyme we have been singing/learning this week is 'Twinkle Twinkle little star.' The children made their own star wand with lots of glitter, they also made some amazing 'starry night' pictures using yellow paint, star stamps on black card. We sang our nursery rhyme lots of times using star puppets, hand actions and our own star wands. It was lots of fun.  

Each week we will be focusing on one Nursery Rhyme, we sing it all week, alongside other Nursery Rhymes, as well as majority of the focused activities being around the chosen Nursery rhyme. 


Week Two.

This week has been very exciting, we learnt our second Nursery rhyme which was ‘Old McDonald.’ The children got to create their own farm animals using the different materials on the table including paints, feathers, pom poms and colours. The children looked at different animals that live on the farm and could name the animals.

We went on a walk around the school to see what sounds we could hear and even got to play on the grass that the big boys and girls play on.

We went to the Library for the first time this week, we walked amazingly to the library and looked at lots of stories, we then listened to a story before coming back to Acorns.

The children have settled in so well and have made lots of friends, they enjoy creating pictures at the creative table, playing in the water and especially in the small world area.