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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Autumn Term Journey.


 Our First Day!

On the 13th of September Acorns reopened its doors for another academic year. We welcomed back the children who were with us last year and said a big hello to the new children joining us. We had a very busy and exciting first day and the children are beginning to settle really well.

 We have had lots of fun exploring inside and outside the classroom. Outside we have been creating sand food in the mud kitchen, as well as building castles and emptying and filling lots of buckets in the sand pit. We have also been practising balancing on the balancing stones and have had lots and lots of turns sliding down the big red slide.Inside the class room the children were able to access lots of new toys and activities, Lots of tall towers were built and then knocked over followed by laughter. In the play dough area the children enjoyed rolling and cutting. Water was being splashed about in the water tray and many bright and colourful pictures were created at the creative table. The children in Acorns all had a lovely first day.



Week One

 What a lovely first week we have had at Acorns. The children are settling in so well. This week we have been concentrating on helping the children to settle and explore their new environment as well as learning new routines and singing lots of nursery rhymes. The children have been enjoying some yummy toast as well as lots of refreshing fruit.Our circle times have been full of singing nursery rhymes and getting the children used to sitting on the carpet together for short periods of time. We cant wait for next week.



Week Two

 This week has been very busy, we started the week by exploring in the water using lots of different materials including pipettes, jugs and water spirals.On the creative table we have had lots of feathers, glitters, pens, pencils and chalk to create some amazing and colourful pictures which have now been put on display in our classroom. Towards the end of the week we began doing some yoga, which included lots of stretches up high to the sky, left and right, and down to the floor as low as we could get. The children had so much fun doing yoga, they all got involved and didn't want the fun to end.                              


Week Three

 This week has been another busy week. We had paints out for the first time this academic year, the children got to explore with the different colours to create some fantastic pictures. These pictures are now hanging down in our classroom to show off to the parents. We have also started to started to look at the different features on our faces including eyes, noses, mouths, ears. On the play dough table were some face mats for the children to create their own features using the play dough and in the blue tuff tray the children had the opportunity to create their own faces there as well. The children also got to create their very own 'mini people' using lots of glitters and feathers.                                         


Our First Bake

On Friday the children in Acorns did some baking, they made some very yummy buns. Every child joined in an had so much fun helping the teachers to create the buns, although they enjoyed eating them more! 


Step One- Once the children had washed their hands and were sat at the table ready, they all got given a bun case to put into the bun tray. 


Step Two- The children then helped to mix the dry ingredients into the mixing bowl trying very hard not to spill it everywhere.


Step Three- Once the egg and water was added to the the dry ingredients the children stirred it all together, making sure it had no lumps. 


Step Four- This step was a tricky step, pouring the yummy bun mixture into the bun cases without it going everywhere! The Acorns children did it, with only a little bit getting onto the table.


Step Five- Once in the bun cases the teacher put the buns in the oven to cook while the children played and explored outside.


Step Six- THEY ARE READY!! All the children gathered around as the teacher brought the cooked buns back into Acorns, ready for decoration.


Step Seven- With a little bit of help from the teacher they were all decorated and ready to be eaten. YUM-MY!


We had so much fun baking and eating the amazing buns and can not wait to bake again. 


Week Four

This week our main focus has been Autumn! Now that summer has passed we have spent the week learning all about Autumn, and even went on our first walk to collect some leaves. On Tuesday we went on a Autumn walk to collect the fallen leaves, once back in Acorns we spoke about the different colours of the leaves and then used them in many activities throughout the week. We created Hedgehog pictures by sticking the leaves on a printed Hedgehog. We decorated leaves using lots of glitter and have stuck them around the classroom and with the remaining leaves we created a Autumn Tuff tray outside for the children to explore in. On Friday we had a special visit from Evie who is our school dog. 


Our first walk

On Tuesday Acorns went on their first walk of the academic year. The walk took place in the school grounds, and the children held hands with each other in pairs following the teacher. We went on a Autumn walk to collect leaves, we took two buckets with us and they all had a go at holding the buckets while collecting the leaves. We walked in a lovely straight line following the teacher to a part of the playground where lots of leaves had fallen, and spent many moments chasing after leaves to put into the two buckets. Once we had lots of leaves we set of back to Acorns again following the teacher in a straight line. When back at Acorns everyone had a look at the different leaves collected before washing our hands ready for a snack and drink.


When Acorns met Evie

On Friday as a special treat Mrs Middleton brought Evie the school dog to Acorns for all the children to meet. The children sat down at the table so patiently while Evie entered. Once Evie was ready on the carpet the childrenone by one went over to say hello! The more confident children went up first and spent a minute stroking Evie while the others watched. Every single child said hello and attempted to stroke Evie. 

Every single child in Acorns did extremely well meeting Evie for the first time, and we can not wait for her next visit.