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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Spring 2 Journey

View our curriculum web to see what we will be learning this half term.

spring 2 half termly curriculum web.pdf

View our homework activities for this half term linked to our topics. We hope the children will enjoy completing these activities and look forward to seeing the children's amazing work. Please email any homework to:

Here are some homework entries from this half term! Well done!



spring 2 homework 2.pdf

 Spring 2 Spelling Booklets

year 2 spelling booklet group 1 2.pdf

year 2 spelling booklet group 2 2.pdf

year 2 spelling booklet group 3.pdf

English and Topic

This half term, we are learning about The Great Fire of London. Our core text is; The Baker's Boy and The Great Fire of London. Watch the video to find out more about the fire! Can you create a poster about The Great Fire of London?

 We enjoyed creating our own Pudding Lane. We created a row of houses on fire to represent Pudding Lane on Sunday 2nd September 1666.

We have been learning about Samuel Pepys and the role he played in the Great Fire of London. Watch the video to find out more! Can you challenge yourself and write 5 facts about Samuel Pepys?

As part of our Great Fire of London topic, In our Design and Technology lessons, Year 2 made bread!






 This term, children have been learning to make equal groups, use arrays and repeated addition (using at least 2, 5's and 10's) .

Using repeated addition on a number line:

Starting from zero, make equal jumps on a number line to work out multiplication facts and write multiplication statements using x and = signs. 

We've been using arrays to understand the link with repeated addition and we have been creating our own using practical apparatus. We've applied our understanding of the commutative law and enjoyed outdoor Maths sessions.  Check out our photos.   



Useful websites:

  • Revise your number bonds, times-tables, doubles and halves:


This term's topic is Everyday Materials. We want the children to know:

  • how the shape of materials can be changed
  • the properties of materials
  • know why objects are made of a certain material (identifying the material it is made of) and why that material is suited to that object
  • one material can be used for many purposes and that object can be made from different materials 
  • about our key scientists, Jon Dunlop and Robert Gair and how they have developed new useful materials.

We have been working scientifically to identify materials in our classroom. We classified these into natural or humanly-constructed and then compared these results to what we found around school.  We then explored the importance of recycling and thought about which materials are recyclable. We all decided we would think about our use of plastic and some us pledged to stop using plastic water bottles!

"I love Science because we get to find out answers to our questions. I wanted to know how plastic is made and now I want to find out how fire is made because we're learning about The Great Fire of London." Danielius, Year 2.




In Year 2, we cover a range of Enrichment experiences, including Sport, Music, Cooking, DT and Life Skills. 

"I look forward to Enrichment - it's the best part of the day!" Fajr.

Here are some photos showcasing some of the work the children have produced so far. 


World Book Day 2024

Year 2 have spent the day immersed in reading books and the Reading Cafe was the icing on the cake - no pun intended! Here are some photos of us. A huge thank you to all our families for promoting reading at home.  


Here in Pudding Lane...