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Riddlesden St Mary

Our Spring 1 Journey

Week One.

What a fun first week back for the Acorns. We welcomed lots of new friends who have settled in so incredibly well. When the children came back to school after their Christmas break they noticed lots of different and exciting toys for them to explore during provision time. 

The children enjoyed creating some fantastic art work on the creative table using lots of different materials, paints and crayons. 

The small world area now has a dolls house for the children which encourages them to use their imaginations. 

Lot's of tall towers were built then knocked down repeatedly in the construction area, this made many children laugh. 

Outdoor provision was a massive hit with our new children and the children who have been with us a full term or two. Many sandcastles have been built and the bikes ridden up and down lots of times.

                                                         Week Two.

This week has been another settling in week for the children to get back into the Acorns routine. 

The Nursery Rhyme we have been singing is 'Incy Wincy Spider' we had lots of fun singing this song with the actions. In the water tray the children found lots of small pretend spiders that they scooped out with nets. 

On the creative table they made their own spiders using finger paint and their hands, glitter and googly eyes. 

The paint easel was covered in black paper so the children could create their own spider web. 

Outside we looked around the Acorns playground to see if we could find any spiders in their cobwebs but sadly we found none.

                                                      Week Three.

This week we started our first topic of the new year, which is The Stickman by Julia Donaldson. 

We have had so much fun exploring this book. In the tuff tray the children's senses were heightened by all the different textures which included shaving foam, sand, water and sticks. This tray represented the story The Stickman.

We created our own stickmen on the creative table using crape paper, glitter and paint. At the playdough table the children could create their own stickman using the brown playdough that smelt of cinnamon. We went on a walk around the school grounds and into the school forest to collect sticks so that we could make our very own stickmen. 

To create our own stickmen we used sticks, pipe cleaners for arms and legs, and googly arms. 

We have had a very exciting and busy week filled with lots of fun. 

Week Four.

This week we were learning a new Nursery Rhyme called 'Down in the jungle.' On Monday we learnt our new song with actions. The children loved singing the song and 'roaring' at the correct place. 

All week the children got to explore in the tuff tray playing with the different jungle animals. Some children were able to name the jungle animals. They loved taking on the role of the animals, stamping around on the tuff tray. 

The children created their own animal masks using lots of different materials, including feathers, crape paper, glitter and paint. 

Every Tuesday we visit the library and this Tuesday we looked in the library high and low for animal stories. 

Its been a very fun jungle filled week. 


Week Five.

This week we are celebrating Chinese New Year. We learnt why the New Year is so special to all those who celebrate it. 

We learnt that this year its the year of the Tiger, so we created lots of tiger masks. We also created our own lanterns using lots of bright colours. 

On Thursday we tried some yummy Chinese food which included spring rolls and prawn crackers. The children looked the prawn crackers. 

We had our own mini festival on Friday we did some Chinese dancing, it was such a hit.